Admission Requirements & 检查表

在卫兰德 Baptist University, we believe in the importance of education. We also believe that individuals who are willing to work hard and put in the necessary time to pursue an education should be allowed an opportunity. The admissions process at Wayland is not difficult, but we do demand a commitment to the academic process.

Students who come to us with an impressive academic background can take advantage of various merit-based, multi-year academic scholarships as well as scholastic opportunities like the Honors Program, undergraduate research and study-abroad. Gifted students can also expect to benefit from our outstanding professors. An academic journey with us will be guided by a faculty of gifted scholars who are devoted to our students' individual needs, 利益, 目标与梦想.

也, we also have special programs for students who have struggled academically, but understand the importance of continuing their education. Our Academic Achievement program prepares students for the rigors of collegiate academics by giving them the skills and knowledge necessary to perform in a traditional college classroom. Students who come to us needing a helping hand to reach traditional academic standards have become some of our most committed and successful graduates throughout the years.

在卫兰德, our goal is to meet you w在这里 you are in your educational journey and then guide you and challenge you as you pursue your academic and professional goals.


检查表 for Future Wayland Students